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It's time to breathe life into your PURPOSE

Career & Personality Guidance

with Cecilia Theron

About Me

Certified Career Direct and Personality I.D Coach 

My name is Cecilia and my passion and mission are to see people find their true calling and purpose in life, equip individuals, groups and small businesses to be powerful teams and people.

Each one of us was created with a unique calling, purpose and design, and that design fits into a career that you can be genuinely passionate about.

I have a great desire to help people grow as individuals. It brings me joy to teach people new skills and to show them that there is so much more to life than just a normal day to day routine. 


What I Specialise In

Banana Leaves

Do not compare your purpose with those around you. We are all unique and need to bring something different to the world.

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Debbie Frost Penn

- Financial Administrator -

Cecilia is passionate about helping you realise your

God-given talents and equipping you to live your best life and walk in your purpose.  It's amazing how you can blossom into the best version of yourself with her guidance of truth about who you were designed to be.


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