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Each person on earth is uniquely and wonderfully made and responds to people, situations, and circumstances according to who they really are. It is this wonderful personal design that can and should have a tremendously positive impact wherever we go.  

Unfortunately, most people don’t really fully understand why they think, interact, and react the way they do. They often try to become like someone else and end up acting like someone they’re not. The Result: Frustration, Despair, Anger, and even Depression.

Seventeen iKnowMyDesign profiles were designed to help you determine your key strengths based on your individual personality profile. This is an ENHANCED DISC-based personal assessment tool used to understand yourself and improve work productivity, teamwork and communication.

iKnowMyDesign reports provides a common language that people can use to understand themselves better and to adapt their behaviours to others.   



The 60-minute coaching and feedback session is exactly what you need to help uncover your design. We will discuss your personal design and greater clarity and confidence will be the end goal.

  • Use the link below to PURCHASE your iKnowMyDesign, Individual or Couples Assessment.

  • Make your payment and book your Zoom session. Please fill out the intake questionnaire. 

  • You will receive a personal email from me with complete instructions and the link to complete your assessment. Each session is held via Zoom and will be done in a video call format unless otherwise noted.

  • We will meet at your call time and have an amazing conversation that will be recorded.

  • After our meeting, you’ll receive a follow-up email with a link to your zoom recording and your assessment in PDF format.

WHAT TO expect




Your iKnowMyDesign Assessment will include 22 different personality attributes.

By understanding your personality, as well as how others are different, you will be equipped to manage your own life better and work more effectively with others. These differences in motivation enable us to do some things better than others. You will discover:

  • Your unique personality

  • Your communication style

  • How you interact with people

  • Your strengths

  • Your financial behaviour






Your iKnowMyDesign Assessment will include 22 different personality attributes.

The iKnowMyDesign Couples Assessment evaluates you and your spouse’s individual personalities and then reveals how you intersect as a couple. Understand that, and you might find yourself having conversations rather than a confrontation over money.

  • Enhance your communication

  • Understand your and your spouse’s financial behaviour

  • Strengthen your relationships

  • Improve collaboration

  • Strengthen the bonds of your family


COUPLES session

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