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Updated: Mar 13, 2021

If there is one word that can give purpose to this year then it is FAITH. 2021 Holds the promise of faith, hope and courage.

The dream and purpose the Lord has for you did not change. A God-dream is a vision that you cannot shake. It is a dream that sticks no matter what because He placed those desires in your heart.

Do you know what your God-dream is? Your God-dream might be connected to your family, career or a specific calling on your life. Often times, our God-dream connects us to helping people, serving people well, and connecting them with Him. In this season, ask the Lord for wisdom on how to keep those dreams alive. Say yes to #faith, #hope and #courage. The method might change, but not the mission.


I want to encourage you to be brave and articulate the dream of God that He has for you! You will know its His heart when it has a mission, you can not shake it, you can not do it on your own and you will wake up for it because it gives you purpose.

P.S.: You have permission to dream. Discover, accept and thrive in it

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